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Basia Going is one of Ottawa’s most experienced yoga teachers

After co-owning studios, Basia ran her own for more than 20 years; teaching an average of 10 classes weekly, plus annual Teacher Training courses. Her energy, joy-of-life, and grace are pretty legendary! Click here for more information about Basia

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Daily Yoga on Zoom

Daily yoga on Zoom

6 Live yoga classes per week, from Monday to Saturday

Every class is recorded and available for a short period after the live event ‐ to fit your schedule


On Demand

A growing library of pre-recorded classes

Library of videos

Growing number of different yoga classes with Basia

Includes long and short classes, and videos with specific anatomy focus

Unlimited access 24/7



Live interactive workshops

Live interactive workshops

Yoga instructor-led interactive session

Live and interactive workshops (value of $40) are included in your unlimited membership.


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On [Date], a new original on-demand class will be made available in lieu of a live class.

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"I have been dealing with a back injury and rheumatoid arthritis for the last 2 years and my yoga practice has been close to nonexistent! Since working with Basia, I know that she understands my injury and when I practice yoga with her, I know for a fact that the pose she chooses for me will not injure me further, it will improve my mobility! Her vast knowledge with anatomy, Chinese medicine, and experience as a Yogi, assures me she has my best interest at heart! Rest assured you are in good hands!"
"I’ve been a student of Basia’s both in class and in teacher training for over a decade. As a health care provider, I have always appreciated her capacity to integrate anatomy into her teaching and to ensure all students have the ability to practice in a way that suits their own bodies. I’ve been so grateful to continue my practice through her online courses, whether by joining a group class or a previously recorded session as my schedule allows, while still feeling Basia’s nurturing approach."
Claire K.
Ottawa, ON
"I can highly recommend Basia's online yoga classes. I have been taking her classes online for the past six months and they have been a godsend. Basia has a knack for explaining each movement in a way that makes it easy to follow online and she has lots of tips on how to address specific problem areas like the SI joint or IT band. Basia's zest for life and enthusiasm for yoga comes through in her online classes and I always feel better physically and mentally afterwards. It's something I look forward during these strange times we are living in."
Margot M.
Ottawa, ON

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