Hatha Flow – 30min – Short Form

Full practice, yet short and sweet. Sometimes, there is only a little time to unroll the mat and play. It is a good thing to still place the feet on the mat, breathe, move, and recenter. Taking time for self care and exploration is gold. When we need to take it easy and push less, a shorter practice may be the thing. Occasionally a different practice, or just a little rest.


2 thoughts on “Hatha Flow – 30min – Short Form”

  1. Julie Goldring

    Hello 🙂
    I think that I have a subscription with you, but when I try to watch the videos, they just spin – so they won’t start. Not sure if I am doing something wrong?


    1. Basia Going

      Perhaps internet slow? sometimes may be browser. have you tried to wait a little? Maybe it need to buff?
      Try to let it spin for a while or switch the browser to check? Try also on your phone – just to see if you are getting through.
      There is no problem with your account, so perhaps connection. let me know if you got it working for you.

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