Yoga in the Park Schedule – in person

Here you will find the updated schedule - weather, travel, holidays may interfere with the outdoor classes, so check, show up and enjoy!

Parc Brébeuf, Rue Maricourt, Gatineau - Val-Tétreau, by the Ottawa River


5 thoughts on “Yoga in the Park Schedule – in person”

  1. Joerdis Weilandt

    Dear Basia,

    I noticed that there aren’t any recordings of your Yoga in the Park classes anymore and wanted to ask what the reason is. I am two hours behind Ottawa time and often cannot make the live classes for that reason, since lunch hour there is only the beginning of the work day here.

    I would love to continue accessing the classes more flexibly during the week,


    1. Basia Going

      This past week,
      There were recordings in place of life classes.
      They are all available, under ‘what’s new” along the rest of the recordings.

      Front page 🙂

      So not zoom below, but above.

      Every day when not live the right top corner has a link to the recording of the day, then it goes to the library.

      Starting tomorrow – back to live classes 🙂

      Let me know if you have found all the recordings.

      If not, I will guide you with pictures – no problem

    2. Basia Going

      Hi Joerdis,
      If you scrawl down below the schedule, you’ll see the recording listed.
      All classes are recoded and kept online fore few days.
      Some are put in the library to stay.
      Some new once are put in the library every few days, and few are on the way again.

      Just check in the first page – zoom recordings and just press play – All are there for few days

  2. Kelly Thompson

    Hi Basia, I am back (again)! I assume that you only do yoga in the park some days – and not today, for instance, because it is raining. The park should build you a pagoda for rainy day classes! In any case, where do you indicate on this site if the class is happening outside or not? Looking forward to seeing you on screen in a bit! xo Kelly

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