About Basia Going

One of Ottawa’s most experienced yoga teachers

After co-owning studios, Basia ran her own for more than 20 years; teaching an average of 10 classes weekly, plus annual Teacher Training courses.

Her energy, joy-of-life, and grace are pretty legendary!

“You can see Everest and see beauty. I have done it, it is breath taking.

You can close your eyes, and listen deeply... and you can see what you cannot see with your eyes. I think you can.

I should close the eyes more often... not the eyes of my face, but of my mind. Let us flow (yoga) and listen deeply to the whisper of flow ... perhaps it has a secret to share.”

Those who know her, know that Basia’s knowledge of yoga anatomy, movement and philosophy give every attendee a strong confidence to practice and teach.

Basia’s example for smart living is an unfailing motivation for her students, colleagues and friends.

With in-depth trainings and qualifications, Basia has learned with many yoga luminaries and is one of the most knowledgeable yoga teachers for human anatomy, personal power and strength.

Now we can connect to Basia and a ‘life with yoga’ anytime, and from anywhere…


It was her father, Stanislaw Peszko, who inspired Basia to play with concepts that stretched her mind. Stemming from their endless talks and debates, Basia’s interest in philosophy and psychology expanded. During her University years, she chose to study psychology, philosophy and education.

Since discovering that what happens in the mind and the body cannot be severed, she embraced the study of how the body works and how it sometimes does not. She became obsessed with the relationship between the mind, perception, and how the body responds to what happens in the mind (and vice versa). This obsession resulted in the study of healing arts, primarily Chinese medicine and Acupuncture.

The asana practice came in 1992 when Basia, suffering from severe scoliosis, wore a corset with metal bars to support her spine. There was a strong incentive to figure out how to work the body to relieve the struggle and how to use the mind to give the whole being space to breathe.

She explored different paths and teachers; completing numerous trainings ranging from strong physical work to more subtle exploration of the body and mind.

At this point, after over 20 years of experimentation, she uses in her practice and teaching what she believes, works. At times it is physically demanding with lots of stabilizing and conditioning. Other times it is soft and subtle. Pushing and letting go of pushing, then watching. She uses lots of therapeutic work focusing on common problems, perhaps in an “uncommon” way in the yoga practice.

Through it all, she remembers that all is temporary (or perhaps almost all). This view allows her to put things into perspective and enjoy the process of learning as well as holding space for others to do the same.

“I am grateful to a number of teachers that have profoundly inspired me. There have been many, and I will always hold them in my heart”.

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