Terms and Conditions


Before you begin the Yoga/fitness program with Basia Going Places, be advised to discuss any concerns you may have about participating in the program with your doctor or your trusted health practitioner.

I declare that I understand the nature of the program, and I also understand that the nature of this document is to waive my rights against Basia Going Places and its instructors in the event that something should happen to me while participating in the program and that by signing this document I release them from any responsibility and liability. I waive any possibility of personal damage which may be blamed on such a program in the future and accept responsibility for requesting the Yoga program and assistance provided by Basia Going Places. I further acknowledge that I have read this waiver carefully and understand its terms.

Cancellation Policy

Sometimes things change, sometimes we change…. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Once cancelled, you will have access to the remaining time of the current month subscription, so enjoy the rest of the wave. Upon completion of the paid month. The access will be removed and your card will no longe be charged for upcoming months. You can renew your subscription any time. We will welcome you with a big smile.

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