Original Extra Classes

Growing library of pre-recorded classes. These, will be a good addition for those who wish to take more classes, choose to pick one on Sunday, or enjoy different quality of recording due to a bypass of zoom format. You will start seeing 60 min, 45, 30 or even shorter classes here, in case live will offer only short spaces in time for the practice. Remember – even a short practice, 15 min on the mat is a practice – keep up the pattern so you can ride a constant wave.

Short & Sweet - Speciality Clips

Short Clips address particular points in practice. Often, therapeutic protocols are covered here, particular alignment, dissection of a posture, variations etc…. Check the menu to see if can find what you are looking for. Cannot find it? Send us a request, it will be a pleasure to cook something just for you.  Watch the list grow – we will add new clips every week. 
  • All
  • Alignment
  • Beginners
  • Breathing
  • Diaphragm
  • Downward Dog
  • Triangle
  • Warrior II
  • relaxation
  • side angle

Former Live Classes

Enjoy the growing library of former live classes. You can come back here as many times as you wish, exploring classes you missed, classes you want to take again, or binge on your favorites on the gloomy day. You will find here flow, therapy, core or gentle.

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