Class Descriptions

What is yoga?

Yoga is:

  • a practice of being present to what is – without entanglement in ideas of what is
  • deep listening- creating space for what is to be
  • seeing patterns- those well established and the new ones being made

Categorizing different ways of doing yoga is a bit tricky and often it is hard to say which is which in each class.

These descriptions give an initial reference point when choosing a class to try. The best thing you can do is experiment!

Yoga as Therapy

outdoor live yoga on zoom
Within a yoga container, the class is focused on improving what used to work or what is ready to finally kick in and serve you better from now on. The class has a particular focus on healing, letting go, building/stabilizing weaker links. It is designed as a blend of:
  • recovery exercises (bringing back mobility to the joints, un-doing tense knots, gradually removing adhesions)
  • re-aligning parts that went off line for a little fieldtrip
  • building stability around weaker links – due to either overstretching or babying an injury for a while
  • building overall strength of the body


recorded yoga classes in zoom - chair pose
Hatha encompasses everything from asana (postures), vinyasa (transitions), and pranayama (breath work). Here, the practice has room to explore, investigate and take a little time to learn, feel and make changes, where needed.

Hatha Flow

Basia on Ottawa River, yoga paddleboarding
Hatha encompasses everything from asana (postures), vinyasa (transitions), and pranayama (breath work). The flow suggests smooth, dance like transitions, gliding from posture to posture in seamless harmony – sometimes in slow motions and other times more vigorously.

Yin & Breathe

Within established breath and grounding at the start, the poses are held longer, offering the time to explore the layers of sensations and possibly helping to let go of holding patters. The postures often are supported using bolster, blocks, belts and blankets. One can choose to hold poses still or occasionally shift to accommodate the level of comfort. Toward the end, about 10 min guided meditation will conclude the practice. You can do it sitting up or choose another form. Try to choose configuration that will assist you in staying alert.

Core Work

Basia yoga wheel in recorded class
Core is not just abs. Abs are an important component of the core. As the name suggests, we work our center – hips, lower & upper trunk. We focus on stabilizing, yet making sure that we have mobility in all directions. We pack a bit more ABS work, to create extra support for the back and a bit for pure vanity (are we allowed?)

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