New Year Class – Jan 1 – 12pm

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Let us start on a fresh note and create vibrant space for the 2021. Will practice with attention, intentionally move through space, and breathe to fuel it all. Then, will take a little time to remember, who we are, who we want to be and what is required to get there. Not the resolutions that we make for 2 weeks which fall dry, which no vision, with no passion. Will take a moment to remember what is important to us, really, and then decide what must happen to bring more of what we want in our live.


8 thoughts on “New Year Class – Jan 1 – 12pm”

    1. Basia Going

      Sorry for all the mix ups – the time set was midnight and not noon. It was corrected, but only just before the class – apology – will do better next year!

  1. Beth MacLeod

    Thank you for the New Year Class and reflection, Basia. The reflection was thought-provoking.
    Happy New Year to you.
    I hope that this 1 Jan class 12-1 pm will be ON DEMAND.
    Here’s a question: When doing mega plank, why do you advise us to “round the back/shoulders”?

    1. Basia Going

      Yes, will post the class, as you wish :-). Love your question about rounding the upper back in Mega plank. I am aiming to protract the shoulders – this is a serratus anterior’s job – pulling the scapula away from each other – toward the front – strengthening serratus anterior helps preventing winging out the shoulder blades. together with Rhomboids, and Lats, serratus stabilizes the shoulders.Here, when pushing the elbows strongly to the flow and spreading the blades, we asks serratus to work harder – it comes with rounding the back a little. An extra step could be to pull the the forearms the torso forward. You may already know, of course, Serratus is attached to the back of the scapula (underside) and the the ribs in front. Then it contracts it pulls the scapula forward, away from the back, hence it also rounds the back. Sometimes the easiest way to ask people to engage the serrates, is to ask to round the back (agains the resistance of gravity). PERFECT QUESTIOON – keep them coming 🙂

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