Therapy for Hips and Lower Back

Iliac crest and many featurers attached to it - QL, Glutes, and list goes on. Will work to free the hips, stabilize them and help the back feel awesome! You will notice lateral camera angle. Even though the main direction is to the side - this is a cool angle to play with. It was to be mixed, but the front vanished. It is a great class, so we will post it anyway - worth while to repeat :-).


3 thoughts on “Therapy for Hips and Lower Back”

  1. Joerdis Weilandt

    This was wonderful. After a day in bed with side effects from the Covid-19 vaccine, this was just the right medicine for my lower back. I particulary liked the chair excercises, and will make them part of my daily routine when working at the desk.

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